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Whether preparing a delicious meal for your family or planning a party for many, it wouldn’t be great without the main course! Woodson County Prime Meat Processing, Inc. is your local source for fresh, quality beef and pork! You don’t have to find a beef or hog to butcher, Woodson County Prime Meat buys locally from sources who corn-feed for 120 days to produce a more tender, better marbled, better grade of meat.

Fresh, Quality Meats

WOCO Prime Meat’s double-wrap packaging protects your fresh cuts and helps them keep better and longer in your freezer. We also offer vacuum-packed wrapping (for an additional fee).

Processing orders for beef includes quarters, halves, or whole; hog halves or whole. Individual cuts and special package deals are available through our retail offerings.

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You can taste the freshness of our beef in every bite.


Whether you buy it in bulk or by the pound, our pork is the perfect choice.


Tender, locally sourced meat that rises above the average standard of quality.


Known for being high in nutrition, we have the finest cuts of buffalo meat available.


Try something new from our selection of specialty meat products to make your meal great.

Want it Smoked?

Try our custom maple-flavored cure for bacon and hams on your hogs processed at WOCO Prime Meat.

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Skip the supermarket and go right to the source of the highest quality meats at Woodson County Prime Meat Processing. We have the finest cuts of locally sourced, USDA inspected meats. Call us today to place your order, or stop by our shop.

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