A Tradition of Excellence

Woodson County Prime Meat Processing, Inc. (previously known as Yates Center Locker), has been a proud partner in support of local ranchers, 4-H’ers, and other local suppliers of quality beef and hogs for over 10 years.

Woodson County Prime Meat Processing, Inc. is a locally owned and operated business that takes pride in the quality of USDA inspected meats offered for private processing and retail. We take the time to double-wrap and offer vac-pack (for an additional fee) to ensure that your meats are fresher longer in cold storage.

Woodson County Prime Meat Processing, Inc. also takes pride in the meats offered from locally owned and raised stock. Our producers corn-feed for 120 days to produce a more marbled, more flavorful, and more tender meat product for you.

Call, email, or stop by today to discuss your meat processing needs.

Jennifer Hood Plant Manager. Thank you for your business

Our Location

WOCO Prime Meat is located about 3 Blocks NORTH of the Highway 54/Highway 75 Junction on Highway 75. Turn WEST onto West Butler (By Berts Tavern), we are one block down on the left side.

Order Your Quality Meat

Skip the supermarket and go right to the source of the highest quality meats at Woodson County Prime Meat Processing. We have the finest cuts of locally sourced, USDA inspected meats. Call us today to place your order, or stop by our shop.

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