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Hear that sizzle, savor the flavor…

Smoke a brisket, skewer some kabobs, grill some thick chops, or cook a roast for the family. Juciy, lean, tender, mouth-watering…need we say more?

Get your individual cuts in quantities you want to go (call to check availability). Retail beef and pork are either double-wrapped or vacuum-packed (depending upon cut).

100% AMERICAN MEAT in every bite!
Pricing subject to change. Please verify pricing and items when placing your order.


Item Per lb.
Ground Beef (85/15 fat blend)
– 2lb. packages only
Ground Chuck & Lean Ground Beef (90/10 fat blend)
– 1lb. packages only
Ground Beef Patties $4.49
T-Bone $10.50
KC Strip $10.50
Ribeye $11.50
Filet $14.99
Minute Steak $4.89
Round Steak $4.89
Sirloin Steak $7.19
Tenderized Sirloin Steak $7.29
Porterhouse $12.99
Whole Tenderloin (Filet) $14.99
Whole Loin (KC) $9.99
Prime Rib Roast (Ribeye) $10.99
Ribs $3.49
Kabob/Stew Meat $4.29
Brisket $3.99
Rump and Pike Roast $4.19
Chuck and Arm Roast $4.19
Tri-Tip Roast $4.79
Soup Bones $1.99


Item Per lb.
Pork Chops $4.29
Country Style Ribs $3.19
Spareribs $3.29
Pork Steak $3.09
Cutlets $3.09
Sausage ( mild, regular, medium or hot) $3.39
Fresh Side $3.49
Pork Roast $3.39
Ground Pork $3.19
Maple Smoked Bacon $4.99

Hot Dogs & Specialty Items

Item Box/Pkg
Fanestil’s Hot Dogs (Box of 50 8-Pack) $35.00/Box $5.60/Pkg.
Fanestil’s Polish Sausage (Box of 50 8-Pack) $35.00/Box $5.60/Pkg.
Fanestil’s Cheddarwurst (Box of 50 8-Pack) $35.00/Box $5.60/Pkg.
Fanestil’s Hawaiian Sausage (Box of 50 8-Pack) $39.00/Box $6.80/Pkg.
Fanestil’s Chipotle Sausage (Box of 50 8-Pack) $39.00/Box $6.80/Pkg.
Fanestil’s Hot Smoked Sausage (Box of 50 8-Pack) $39.00/Box $6.80/Pkg.
Fanestil’s Italian Sausage (Box of 50 8-Pack) $39.00/Box $6.80/Pkg.
Fanestil’s Mesquite Sausage (Box of 50 8-Pack) $39.00/Box $6.80/Pkg.
Fanestil Regular Brats (Box of 50 8-Pack) $36.00/Box $6.80/Pkg.

Meat Bundles

Call ahead to place your order or come in anytime!

Prime Pork Eater $85.00

6lbs. Pork Chops
3lbs. Sausage
3lbs. Ground Pork
3lbs. Pork Roast
3lbs. Ribs or Country Style Ribs
3lbs. Pork Steak
2lbs. Pork Cutlets
2lbs. Fresh Side

Prime Meat Deluxe $110.00

10lbs. Ground Beef
7lbs. of Beef Roast
3lbs. Stew or Kabob
2lbs. Minute Steaks
3lbs. Sirloin Steak

Prime Meat Elite $80.00

7lbs Total!
T-Bone Steaks (2)
Beef Filet Steaks (2)
KC Strip and/or Ribeye Steaks (4)

Order Your Quality Meat

Skip the supermarket and go right to the source of the highest quality meats at Woodson County Prime Meat Processing. We have the finest cuts of locally sourced, USDA inspected meats, as well as deer processing services. Call us today to place your order, or stop by our shop.

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